What Readers are Saying

Here are just some of the nice things that my wonderful readers are saying about The Colonists

I thought I was burned out on SciFi, but you are reminding me of what I like about it.”
Kwee Author of Nameless

“You are reading this aren’t you? If not then you are missing out. A great sci-fi webseries”
– Terry McGinn – Author of Emerald Heights.

“I don’t want to sleep – i just want to read ‘The Colonists’. For the second night in a row I have gotten up after going to bed just to read ‘a little bit more’. For those who like a bit of Science Fiction it is worth a look. For mine, the story line and it’s structure make it hard to stop reading.”
– Aaron (Social Worker)

“Thanks for #TheColonists. It’s quite easy for french like me to read it. And I like your story”
didier69 on Twitter


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